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Current Projects and Events


Pond Life

Dive into Pond Life, a free ebook created for the 2016 Migratory Bird Festival. Download it and learn the stories of seven birds: Pond Life.


Amuseum Naturalis

We’re busy getting ready to reopen Amuseum Naturalis, our free Biological Exhibition and Institute of Natural Philosophy in Grand Case where we share new wonders every week!


Bird Shots

Download the eBook Bird Shots! It’s an illustrated guide to improve your bird photography. Get started or get better at this fantastic hobby.


Eye on Endemics 2

Check out our ebook companion to the 2016 Endemic Animal Festival. Download it for free right here! Eye on Endemics: Caribbean Originals.

Fruits Tunes!

Visit Marc AuMarc to download or stream the new album, On Expedition with Les Fruits de Mer!


St. Martin Birds

Download a new set of desktop wallpaper and screensaver images featuring beautiful birds from St. Martin—it’s free!