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Current Projects and Events


Seegrape is a website for Caribbean nature and heritage videos. Head over and learn about everything that makes this region special.

Amuseum Naturalis

We’re relaunching Amuseum Naturalis! Join or renew your membership to take part in this adventure and everything else we do.

Migratory Bird Festival

Soualibra is a research library all about St. Martin. Check out the library catalog to see what we have. Located at Amuseum Naturalis.

Pond Life: Reflections

Pond Life: Reflections is a free ebook created for the 2017 Migratory Bird Festival. Download it and discover these vibrant wild places: Pond Life: Reflections.

Fruits Tunes!

Visit Marc AuMarc to download or stream the new album, Fruits Around the World!

New Ebook

Download our latest ebook, The Animals of Irma’s Island. Find out what happened to the animals of St. Martin during and after Hurricane Irma!