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Endemic Animal Festival 2015 in Pictures

The Endemic Animal Festival was a huge success this year and we will be sharing more about the event in the coming days as we recover and unpack, but first some wonderful images from Marc Petrelluzzi. Also, a huge thank you to all the volunteers, the event couldn’t have happened without you, and it wouldn’t have been amazing if you weren’t amazing!

Endemic Animal Festival 2015 Photos:

EAF 2015: Getting Ready

Things are looking good for the upcoming Endemic Animal Festival! On Saturday we got together with a few of the volunteers to work out some of the planning and activities and enjoy the beautiful coastal scrub at Seaside Nature Park. Our “preview event” with volunteers is a fun tradition that helps us make sure we’re organized for the actual event and also gives volunteers a chance to experience some of the activities, because they are often too busy to do so at the event. Without our amazing volunteers, none of what we do would be possible!

We’ll be releasing more info soon about the activities at this year’s festival, including a great new project related to the “Restore Habitats, Restore Birds” theme of the Caribbean Endemic Bird Festival, which includes dozens of events in the region, including ours. For now, enjoy some photos from Saturday and don’t forget to share the event info and invite friends on Facebook.

Happy Bay Nature Walk

This morning we went on a nature walk to see the birds and other animals that live on the island. We were able to see many species that are endemic to the region or have a regional sub-species, like the Zenaida Dove, Carib Grackle, Black-faced Grassquit and Caribbean Elaenia. It was also just a lot of fun to take a walk and see how the local critters are doing in the scrub and around a couple ponds. Thanks to everyone who came!