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Flowers at The Old House

There are hundreds of different plants on St. Martin. Some are native and found only in our part of the Caribbean. Others have been brought from all over the world—as food and medicine, for their beauty or by accident. At The Old House in French Quarter, a historic site where Amuseum Naturalis is located, we have documented over 100 plant species. We have collected images of their flowers in this book. We have also included some information about the plants and how they are used.
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Plants and Traditions on St. Martin

Many plants and trees on St. Martin are tied closely to traditions. Learn about some of the plants that have become key parts of local cuisine and culture, and plants that are an important part of the history of the island and its people.
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Native Plants on St. Martin

Learn about some of St. Martin’s amazing native plants! Find out how they survive dry seasons and hurricanes with their special superpowers. Discover how native plants make the island better for native animals and people, too!
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Agricultural Roots on St. Martin

The Caribbean has rich agricultural traditions that carry on to this day. Where did these traditions come from? Why are some crops so common all over the region? Learn about the roots of Caribbean agriculture, one of the richest traditions on St. Martin.
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Bush Medicine on St. Martin

Bush medicine has been an important part of healthcare and culture on St. Martin for hundreds of years. Learn about the historical and cultural roots of bush medicine traditions on St. Martin and the Caribbean. Find out where the plants came from, how people learned to use them and how that knowledge was passed on from generation to generation.
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Making & Building on St. Martin

This book is an Amuseum Companion. It features St. Martin building techniques and traditional methods of making things. It features a few things going all the way back to prehistory, like Amerindian tools. It also shows how reusing and recycling are long time St. Martin traditions.
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Pond Life: Reflections

If you like your ecosystems wet and wild, then you will love Pond Life: Reflections. Each chapter explores a different view into these ever-changing wild spaces. How do they transform with the seasons? What has changed in recent years? How do they reflect centuries of history? Like St. Martin itself, life on the pond is rich and always in motion. Ponds connect sea and land, human and nature, past and present: dive in, and discover.
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Caribbean Curiosities: Native Nature

St. Martin is full of unique animals. Many are found only in the Caribbean, and some are found only on St. Martin. Each species has its own story, and exploring this rich natural heritage is a fascinating way to explore the island. Learning how our wildlife became so unique is also a great way to understand the way all life has evolved and diversified. Enjoy six stories about bats, birds, lizards, fish and bugs.
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Caribbean Curiosities: Island of Change

From prehistoric times to the present day, one of the most important ways humans have impacted St. Martin is by introducing new animal and plant species. The second volume of Caribbean Curiosities winds its way through tales of animals that were brought to St. Martin by people and how these new species have changed the island. How has the island been changed forever by these new arrivals and what are they doing right now to change the island’s future?
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Caribbean Curiosities

Take a deeper dive into some of the amazing plants and animals that are featured at Amuseum Naturalis! Caribbean Curiosities tells the stories of some of St. Martin’s most dangerous invaders and some of its most amazing native treasures.

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Pond Life

pond-life-cover-webLearn the stories of seven different birds that live on St. Martin’s ponds. Some of them are year-round residents that raise families on our ponds each year, others are long distance travelers that come here each year to spend the winter months. They all depend on the same wetlands, which are critical to the ecology of the island and also an important part of its culture, history and identity.

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Bird Shots

Bird-Shots-webThis bird photography guide was created to help birders become better photographers and photographers get better at photographing birds. It focuses on practical advice to get better bird photos and more enjoyment from this hobby. Topics range from the techniques you will use in the field to composition, visual storytelling, and post-production.

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Eye on Endemics: Caribbean Originals

Eye-on-EndemicsThe companion ebook to the 2016 Endemic Animal Festivals is a second volume of Eye on Endemics. In Caribbean Originals, we showcase ten local species that are found only on this island or only in the region, including birds lizards and insects. Learn about two species of lizard that live only on St. Martin and how a bird learned a new lifestyle while trying to overcome a disability.
Download the ebook (PDF, 24 pages, 3.2MB).


Eye on Endemics

Eye-on-EndemicsThis short eBook takes a closer look at some of the regionally-endemic birds that are found on St. Martin. This eBook was released as a companion to the 2015 Endemic Animal Festival and features material originally published in the Bird Watch SXM column of The Daily Herald‘s Weekender.
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Look Sharp!

Look-SharpPromote Your Organization with Great Photography
Vibrant photos are a wonderful way non-profits and other conservation and education organizations to attract volunteers, sponsors and attendees to their events and activities. In this eBook, we show you how to work with photographers, take better photos yourself and use your photos to maximum effect. Don’t let another event go by without having fantastic photos to show people what your organization is doing and inspire them to get involved. This eBook was created to accompany a workshop at the 20th International Meeting of BirdsCaribbean.
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Heritage Plants

Heritage-Plants-eBookNative plants and trees are amongst the most important parts of the natural history and culture of the Caribbean. They are also immensely important to birds and other wildlife. In a region that supporting irreplaceable biodiversity and dense human development, the cultivation of native trees and plants is an important way we can share our islands with native plants and animals. This book, created as part of the regional celebration of International Migratory Bird Day 2015, showcases a number of key native plants and trees that are perfect for backyard gardens, neighborhood landscaping and other habitat restoration projects big and small. Synthesized by Mark Yokoyama for BirdsCaribbean, this book focuses on plants and trees that are particularly beneficial to native and migratory birds in the Caribbean.
Download the book for free. (PDF, 24 pages)
Partrimonio Vegetal, descarga gratis en español. (PDF, 24 páginas, Español)

The Incomplete Guide to the Wildlife of Saint Martin (First Edition)

This is the first edition of this guide. We make it available for reference, although we recommend downloading the current edition of the guide for access to the most accurate and current information.
Download the book for free. (PDF, 126 pages)