Learn and share the Caribbean’s most exciting new science curriculum!

BirdSleuth Caribbean is a set of fun lessons and activities that uses birds to teach youth about nature and science. Based on a highly-successful international program, the BirdSleuth Caribbean has been specially adapted for the region—kids learn about the birds and habitats that they can see around them, a refreshing change from educational materials created for Europe or North America. Designed for students 9-13 years old, the BirdSleuth Caribbean program contains lessons, activities and learning games that can be done in the classroom and outdoors.

Any teachers, youth group leaders, or other educators who are interested in upcoming free training workshops to learn the curriculum are encouraged to contact Les Fruits de Mer.

BirdSleuth International was developed by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology and adapted for the Caribbean by BirdsCaribbean.

Downloadable copies of the BirdSleuth materials are available in English, French and Spanish here.

Bird Bingo, a BirdSleuth Caribbean activity was popular at Birds & Bugs 2.