Participation in the activities of Les Fruits de Mer is an important part of the association. To facilitate this, we have created a number of committees to work on the varied objectives of the organization. We encourage each member to join a committee that fits with their interests and talents. Members may join committees at any time, and suggest new committees as our organization grows and develops. Joining a committee does not obligate you to participate in all the activities of the committee, but you will be notified of meetings and projects that you may choose to participate in.

Science Committee
Who: Scientists, science educators and those interested in science

What: This committee gives you the chance to get involved in scientific research, scientific review of publications created by Les Fruits de Mer, and science education at schools and public events.

Arts & Culture Committee
Who: Artists of all types, people involved in the arts (like gallery or performance space owners) and those interested in the arts

What: Want to help create art events, art and science collaborations, and art activities for children and adults at schools and public events? This committee is for you!

Education Committee
Who: Teachers, educators and those interested in education.
What: We champion, create, and implement education for children. We conduct an education program on the island that includes hands-on classroom visits, presentations, workshops and field trips as well as work with after-school groups and a book donation program. Our education program is focused on local wildlife, arts and culture.

Media Committee
Who: Members of the media (journalists, photojournalists, video journalists, radio personalities, etc.) and those interested in helping convey the message and work of Les Fruits de Mer in the media.

What: Spread the word! On this committee, you’ll create and distribute communications about the Association and its events, via press releases, interviews, the web and other channels.

Translation Committee
Who: Multi-lingual members of Les Fruits de Mer

What: Help us reach everyone in the community! Members of the translation committee can help everybody connect by translating press releases, publications and the website, and providing language support at events.

Events Committee
Who: Any members interested in helping plan and put on events. People with event experience or ties with organizations that provide event services (e.g., potential event venues, catering, beverage distribution or event supplies) are especially encouraged to join.

What: Be part of designing amazing events! Join this committee to organize and produce Les Fruits de Mer events, both for the general public and exclusively for the members of the Association.

Membership Committee
Who: Anyone interested in helping the Association acquire new members

What: Let’s grow! Sign up for this committee to help increase the reach of Les Fruits de Mer by introducing the Association to your community and encouraging the membership of individuals and organizations.

Partnership Committee
Who: Members who are affiliated with partners or potential partners, and anyone interested in developing new partnerships for the Association

What: Let’s get connected to do more! Help Les Fruits de Mer establish and manage partnerships with organizations that share common interests.

Join a Committee

If you would like to join one or more committees, you can use the form below. As a committee member, you will receive emails about the activities of the committee and choose your level of involvement.

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