Thank you for helping us water the plants! We have been getting some rain, but it can be especially dry at The Old House and some of the plants can’t make it more than a couple days without water.

If there is anything in the garden that is ready and you could use, please take it! There may be some okra. There is definitely a lot of basil and if you take some I think it will actually help that plant not dry out as much. If you want okra or pumpkin seedlings, there are some on the porch and you can also take gaïac, calabash or sea grape trees if you need one.

Things to Water

Almost everything that needs water is close to the cistern of the new house:

Young potted seedlings need water. Bigger ones are probably ok on their own.
Bush Tea Garden needs water.
Plants on the porch need water.
Plants on the porch need water.
Plants on table and the morning glory on the black cloth need water.

Other Things That Need Water

There are a few things in the courtyard by the exhibits that will need water depending on the rainfall:

The potted spinach vines need water.
These three potted plants need water.
There’s probably water in the blue trash can here so you don’t have to carry it from the other house.


We have four tortoises. If you have a chance, you can check to see if they have water. You can even give them some lettuce if you want:

Tortoises live on the side of the stairs.
There are four and they usually hide under the branches. One is a mutant!
There is lettuce up here by the palm tree. I guess it escaped from what we grew in the spring.
It looks like this. You can grab a few leaves if the tortoises have already eaten their food.

Things that Probably Don’t Need Water

Sugarcane should be fine.
The stuff in the beds should be okay, you can water if it seems really dry. There is some young Guinea Corn that looks like grass that is maybe most likely to dry out.
This stuff should be fine on its own.

Thank you so much!!!

If you have questions or issues, email [email protected] or call or text 0690-29-30-22!