Whether you are a parent, a teacher, or just enjoy being creative, we hope you enjoy our wildlife-themed art activities. If you have fun using them, drop us a line to let us know!

Wildlife Art Activities

Wetland Coloring Pages

wetland-coloring-pagesThree coloring pages pairing poems about life histories with three wetland species: Whimbrel, Ruddy Turnstone and Fiddler Crab. Download the PDF, sized for A4 paper: Wetland Coloring Pages.

Undersea Adventure Creative Activity Sheets

Get ready to dive in and use your imagination! These ocean-themed activity sheets ask you to use your creativity to draw part of the picture. You can print them out, or just look at the instructions and draw on your own sheet of paper! Designed by Jenn “Madam J” Yerkes. Download the PDF: Undersea Adventure Creative Activity Sheets

Crazy Creatures Creative Activity Sheets

You’re invited to use your imagination! These activity sheets ask you to use your creativity to draw part of the picture. You can print them out, or just look at the instructions and draw on your own sheet of paper! Made by Jenn Yerkes. Download the PDF: Crazy Creatures Creative Activity Sheets.

Bird Masks

img_20161016_1157499561Fun and fanciful bird masks in different designs. Download, print, color and cut! Download the PDF, sized for A4 paper: Bird Masks.

Endemic Animal Activity Book

DSC_0009This activity book features coloring pages, activity pages and interesting information about species that are endemic to St. Martin and to the Caribbean. It features artwork by Emily Geoffroy and Jenn Yerkes and text by Jenn Yerkes and Mark Yokoyama. Download the PDF, sized for A4 paper: Endemic Animal Activity Book.

  1. Print cover (page 1 of PDF) on white or colored card stock (one-sided).
  2. Print interior pages on regular white paper, double-sided (pages 2 & 3, 4 & 5, and 6 & 7 in the PDF).
  3. Assemble booklets, staple in the center and fold in half.

Amuseum Naturalis Coloring Pages

Crayfish-ANA set of four coloring pages designed by Emily Geoffroy for Amuseum Naturalis. The designs are crayfish, fish, fly and Gaïac. Download the PDF, sized for A4 paper: Amuseum Naturalis Coloring Pages.

Wildlife Crown Craft

crownA perfect craft for carnival season, just color, cut and tape or staple to make cool crowns featuring local wildlife. Download all three designs: Anguilla Bank Anole, Brown Pelican and Lesser Antillean Bullfinch.


  1. Print on A4 card stock.
  2. Color front and band (bottom section is the band).
  3. Cut out front (top section) and band (strip on bottom).
  4. Attach front and band with tape or staples, sized to the child’s head.

Happy Bird-day Cards

migratorybirdfest2015-1045Color and create with these bird-themed cards, created for Migratory Bird Festival 2015. A great activity for people of all ages, everyone can leave with cards to give to friends or family. Download for free: English, 10 designs A4 paperEnglish, 10 designs, Letter paperFrench, 4 designs, A4 paperFrench, 4 designs, Letter paper.


  1. Print on A4 or Letter card stock.
  2. Cut sheets in half using a paper cutter.
  3. Color and fold the cards.
  4. It is great to provide examples, particularly for the cards with space for drawing your own design.

Lizard Mask

DSC_6996Lizards are an important and distinctive part of Caribbean ecology. Most native lizards are endemic to an island or small range of islands. This lizard mask is sized for kid faces. You can prepare the masks ahead of time so they are ready to color. Share images of local lizards if the kids want to make their mask look like a specific kind of lizard. Download the PDF (A4 paper).
Instructions for this activity are printed on the sheet along with the mask design.

Sandpiper Build-a-Bird

DSC_4370Make this simple mobile from a single sheet of US legal sized (8.5″ x 14″) paper. The shape is a flying sandpiper, but it can be colored creatively. Download the PDF.


  1. Print on card stock.
  2. Color the two wing and body sets on the printed side.
  3. Cut them out and glue together.
  4. Use a utility knife to cut along the line marked in the body and insert the wings.
  5. Make a hole where marked on the body and hang with recycled fishing line.

What’s Your Wingspan? Banner

Download print-ready artwork for this amazing banner, featuring six life-sized birds. It’s fun to compare your size to the wingspan of these birds. The banner dimensions are four feet by eight feet. Download the banner art: What’s Your Wingspan? Banner.