Amuseum@Home: Day 3

Discover amazing things about St. Martin from home! Have fun and learn about the island, while you’re protecting your community and yourself by staying home. Get fascinating and free stuff from Les Fruits de Mer–every day!

Today we head over to the salt pond. For hundreds of years salt was made on St. Martin’s ponds, and in today’s video, we hear from Elise Hyman, who picked salt back in the day. We also have another book about birds that love ponds and an activity where you can make and color your own bird.


Pond Life
Learn the stories of seven different birds that live on St. Martin’s ponds. Some of them are year-round residents that raise families on our ponds each year, others are long distance travelers that come here each year to spend the winter months. They all depend on the same wetlands, which are critical to the ecology of the island and also an important part of its culture, history and identity.

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Sandpiper Build-A-Bird
Make this simple mobile from a single sheet of US legal sized (8.5″ x 14″) paper. (A smaller size of paper works, it just makes a smaller bird.) The shape is a flying sandpiper, but it can be colored creatively.

Print on card stock.
Color the two wing and body sets on the printed side.
Cut them out and glue together.
Use a utility knife to cut along the line marked in the body and insert the wings.
Make a hole where marked on the body and hang with recycled fishing line.

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A Beautiful Sight to See
Like many people living in French Quarter at the time, Elise Hyman worked in salt production in Orient Bay in the middle of the last century. She shared some memories of those days and how salt was produced at Salines d’Orient.

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