Amuseum@Home: Day 9

Discover amazing things about St. Martin from home! Have fun and learn about the island, while you’re protecting your community and yourself by staying home. Get fascinating and free stuff from Les Fruits de Mer–every day!

Today we learn about animals that were brought by people to new places. It has happened a lot. Animals can cause big problems when they are brought to new places, especially islands. Learn how non-native animals have transformed St. Martin.


Caribbean Curiosities: Island of Change
From prehistoric times to the present day, one of the most important ways humans have impacted St. Martin is by introducing new animal and plant species. The second volume of Caribbean Curiosities winds its way through tales of animals that were brought to St. Martin by people and how these new species have changed the island. How has the island been changed forever by these new arrivals and what are they doing right now to change the island’s future?

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Introduced Species Crossword Puzzle
Solve the clues to complete this crossword puzzle all about animals that are not native to St. Martin, but were brought here by people.

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Scrub Island Rescue
The team explores Scrub Island, an uninhabited island off the coast of Anguilla. They encounter quite a few native animals and also one introduced animal that has caused lots of trouble over the years, the rat! Watch:

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