Birds & Bugs Photos, Part Three

We also couldn’t do Birds & Bugs without our fantastic partners, EPIC and Loterie Farm!

About Environmental Protection in the Caribbean
Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC) is a non-profit organization registered in St. Maarten and the United States. Founded in 2000 with the mission to protect the Caribbean environment through research and community-based action, EPIC has conducted long-term studies on the birds of the island while working to raise awareness of bird conservation issues. EPIC biologists have partnered with Loterie Farm for over a decade to study the health and diversity of birds in this rare habitat.

About Loterie Farm
Loterie Farm is a private nature reserve on the western slope of Pic Paradis. The 54-hectare property includes broadleaf forest as well as the remains of historical buildings dating back to the 18th century. Loterie Farm aims to safeguard both the history and the environment while also sharing these unique natural surroundings with the public. One of the most ecologically significant sites on St. Martin, Loterie Farm has hosted a great deal of biological research, including ongoing studies of birds and other animals. Loterie Farm offers hiking and zip-lining as well as a gourmet restaurant, lounge, and spring-fed swimming pool.

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