Endemics Around Me Launches at Festival This Saturday

Our latest bilingual coloring book, Endemics Around Me, launches Saturday at the Endemic Animal Festival. Get your free copy at the festival, or download it free from our website. This book showcases the amazing animals and plants that live only on St. Martin or only in our region!

St. Martin is full of amazing animals and plants. Some of them live only on St. Martin. They don’t live anywhere else in the world! Other animals and plants live only in our part of the Caribbean. That makes them special. We are lucky that we are able to see them. Scientists use the word “endemic” for animals and plants that live only in a certain place. Something is endemic to St. Martin if it lives only on our island. A plant or animal can also be endemic to just a few islands, or just our part of the Caribbean, the Lesser Antilles. This book is full of things that live only on St. Martin, or only in our part of the Caribbean. Every time you see them, you know you live somewhere special and unique!

Download the book! (PDF, 91 pages).
Buy the book.

Endemics Around Me was produced with the support of the Cité Éducative de Saint-Martin.

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