Free Fun This Saturday at Migratory Bird Festival

Festival guests can compare their wingspan to local birds. Mark Yokoyama is larger than an Great Egret but smaller than an Osprey.

People of all ages are invited to enjoy the free 2018 Migratory Bird Festival from 9am to noon on Saturday, October 13th. The festival will be held at Amuseum Naturalis at The Old House, on the hill above Le Galion in French Quarter. The annual family-friendly event was created in 2013 by Les Fruits de Mer. It celebrates the birds that travel thousands of miles each year to spend time on St. Martin.

“We’re excited to have lots of fun new ways to connect with birds and nature,” says Les Fruits de Mer President Jenn Yerkes. “How big are you compared to some of St. Martin’s birds? You can measure your wingspan at the event and find out! You can also learn the songs of some of our visiting birds, and go on a hunt for the things birds need to survive.”

If you want to see what pond birds eat on St. Martin, visit the festival’s Portable Pond. Just one inch deep, it’s your chance to get a good look at all the aquatic insects and other animals that are usually hidden. At the birdwatching station, you can learn how to use binoculars to spot birds. You’ll find out about the amazing travels of migratory birds and why St. Martin is so important to them. 

What do pond birds eat? See the amazing world of life that’s just below the surface of our ponds.

The event is also a great time to explore Amuseum Naturalis and its gardens. Discover bats, night creatures and animals that live only on St. Martin in the exhibit hall. Find out about native plants and trees in the backyard, or explore the gardens playing Bird Bingo. Guests can also learn the 250-year history of the Old House itself.

“We also want to make it fun to help birds and nature,” explained Amuseum Naturalis curator Mark Yokoyama. “At the festival, you can paint bird art on a canvas tote bag. After the event, you can use it instead of a plastic bag. That helps protect the island and the habitats that birds need.”

Add your own bird art to a canvas tote bag and take it home with you!

The festival is designed to be a good time for all no matter the weather. “There are indoor areas for all the major activities, so it will still be lots of fun even if Saturday is a rainy day!” adds Yokoyama.

The Migratory Bird Festival is part of World Migratory Bird Day. Events celebrating migratory birds are happening on many Caribbean islands and all over the world. 

Head to the Migratory Bird Festival, rain or shine, Saturday, October 13th from 9am to noon at Amuseum Naturalis at The Old House in French Quarter. The festival is brought to you by Les Fruits de Mer, and the 2018 sponsors: L’Auberge Gourmand, BZSE, Coalys, Delta Petroleum, ECOFIP, Frigodom, IZI LIGHT, Lagoonies, Pelikaan Brewery, St. Martin’s Sweetness and SXM Logistics. For more information and a map, visit

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