Get a Little Wild – with Local Lizards!


Rev up your reptile IQ at the Les Fruits de Mer booth at Mardis de Grand Case this Tuesday!

This week’s wildlife theme is local lizards. Come by our booth for fast facts and insider info on these captivating creatures, like which lizards live only on this island and nowhere else in the world, what lizards have been introduced here by humans, and why are there so many iguanas here now!

Stop by the booth for a couple minutes every week to learn something new about island wildlife–we feature a different topic about the fascinating fauna of SXM each Tuesday. You’ll get to see mini multimedia Discovery Presentations about the week’s wildlife topic, “Ask the Expert” questions about local wildlife, and you can even have “mystery” species you’ve been wondering about identified from photos.

The Les Fruits de Mer booth is open every Tuesday evening from 6-10pm at the Mardis de Grand Case street fair in Grand Case, and it’s located by the lolos.

Read about our weekly booth at Mardis de Grand Case.


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