Get Your Photo Published in Statia Wildlife Book

The Red-billed Tropicbird is one of Statia’s most beautiful animals.

The upcoming book The Incomplete Guide to the Wildlife of Statia is being finalized this summer. The book will be the first wildlife guide for the island. The authors, Hannah Madden and Mark Yokoyama invite Statians to submit photos of wildlife for inclusion in the book.

“Right now, the book has about 500 photos,” explained co-author Mark Yokoyama. “It will be a beautiful way to learn about Statia’s unique wildlife. But we still have a little time to make it even better. If anyone has some great wildlife pictures from Statia, we’d love to see them.”

The Panther Anole is also known as the Green Tree Lizard and the St. Eustatius Anole.

The wildlife book will feature all kinds of animals from Statia, from bats and birds to bugs and snails. The co-authors have been researching and writing the book for the last several years and planning to go to print this summer for a release this winter. The book project has been financed by the generous support of Nustar and is being published by the St. Martin-based nonprofit Les Fruits de Mer.

Co-author Hannah Madden looks out over Statia.

“We are very excited to publish this book,” said co-author Hannah Madden. “Statia’s wildlife is rich and unique. It deserves to be showcased beautifully. We especially hope the book helps youth learn about and love their natural heritage.”

Photo submissions can be made to [email protected]. Photographers who have a photo selected for inclusion will receive a copy of the book. More information about the project, including a free ebook, can be found at

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