Heritage Photo Contest Q&A

We had a couple good questions about the photo contest that we figured we should share. Be sure to get your entries in. See the full rules and instructions here.

Must the photo be untouched, unedited?

No, you can edit your photos however you normally do. We would recommend not including your name or any text superimposed on your image. It always makes a photo look worse and we will always include proper credit when showcasing your photo in the online gallery or at the exhibition.

Must the photo have a specific format or size (MB’s/dimensions)?

We don’t require a specific format, but we recommend full size or a minimum of about 2000 pixels per side. Remember, photos chosen for the exhibition will be printed. If an image is too big to email, provide a download link or contact us to arrange the file transfer.

Can a photo be a panorama?

Yes, an entry can be a panorama.

Can I only enter photos taken during the entry period?

No, the photos can be taken at any time. In the past, some entries were taken decades ago. It just has to be a photo taken by you.

We’re looking forward to seeing your entries! Be creative and let’s see the spirit of St. Martin!


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