Lucinda Frye



African Tulip Tree; Flame of the Forest; African Flame Tree (Spathodea campanulata.) The colours of the Flame Tree are truly vibrant. When they are in bloom it makes one glad to be a witness to Mother Nature’s beauty. Flame trees are native to Equatorial Africa, they can reach heights of 40 to 60 tall and develop canopies equally as large. Outside of their native habitat, heights of around 20′ to 30′ are more standard. The flower bud is ampule-shaped and contains water. These buds are often used by children who play with its ability to squirt the water. The open flowers are cup-shaped and hold rain and dew, making them attractive to many species of birds.

Rain washes away the dusty and salty air. It is refreshing to see the raindrops on clean, bright petals and leaves once a squall has passed by. Raindrops need to be captured quickly before the wind and sun dry them up in our tropical climate.

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