Lucinda Frye



The sea along the shoreline of St. Maarten/St. Martin is often cloudy because of the tides and currents churned up by the winds. Some days, though, the sea is crystal clear as if looking into the depths of a swimming pool. The range of vibrant colours that stretch from the white sand shore through the deeper water with the eel-grass bottom and into the sky is awe-inspiring.

Vervet monkey (chlorocebus pygerythrus) troups are growing in leaps and bounds on St. Maarten/St. Martin. For awhile it appeared that their numbers were kept in check and it is possible that this may happen again. They are not indigenous to the island and therefore when it is very dry they ransack the gardens of residents, desecrating the carefully cared for fruit trees and vegetable patch. This monkey is looking at the young one – who in turn is looking at the bougainvillea – is the monkey’s future secure and bright or will they slowly fade into grey like a puff of smoke?

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