Marie-Claire Mauro



Vibrant is discovering these funny little beings, finding a house suiting their needs, climbing up the beach, the rocks, between roots and plants. Vibrant is the sound of their scrawling, of their shell rolling. Vibrant is the silence when they feel us around, when they hide in… Vibrant is the smile of our children, when they pick it up softly to observe. Vibrant is putting them back in the exact place, for them to go free, as they had planned. Vibrant was this unexpected meeting while hiking on Chemin des Froussards, in Anse Marcel.

Beautiful sight, vibrant colours. Yet vulnerable sea. In Grand Case, a lot of houses and restaurants release used water on the beach. It goes to the sea. All that soap, all those chemicals, all type of organic waste mixing with that transparent blue water. At that pace, how long will the bay of Grand Case look like this ? How long before there is no more starfish ? How long before they must change the colour of their house, to match a darker dirtier sea ?
Nice colourful houses, along Grand Case Bay, sadly releasing poison every day…

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