Migratory Bird Festival Partners

We are grateful to have such a great team of partners this year. EPIC will be hosting a Restoration Station where you can learn how native trees can help the island. You can even learn how to participate in the restoration projects EPIC is doing right now. Anguilla National Trust is joining us for the third year in a row as part of our volunteer team. Environment for the Americas contributes materials and support for migratory bird events throughout the Western Hemisphere. Kali’s Beach Bar is our location this year.

Kali’s Beach Bar
A St. Martin institution since 1980, Kali’s Beach Bar on Friar’s Bay is well-known for great food, cold drinks and its full moon parties. When you come to the festival, be sure to bring your swimsuit and enjoy the beach at Kali’s.
Kali’s Beach Bar

Environmental Protection in the Caribbean
Environmental Protection in the Caribbean (EPIC) is a non-profit organization registered in St. Maarten and the United States. Founded in 2000 with the mission to protect the Caribbean environment through research and community-based action, EPIC has conducted long-term studies on the birds of the island while working to raise awareness of bird conservation issues.

Anguilla National Trust
The Anguilla National Trust (ANT) was founded in 1989 with the mandate to sustain the island’s natural and cultural heritage through active management and education for the benefit of today’s and tomorrow’s generations. It has been instrumental in the creation of Anguilla’s national parks, conservation areas, and heritage sites and continues to be involved in their day-to-day management. It conducts essential research and conservation work, including habitat and species monitoring. It works year-round to raise public awareness about the fragility, complexity, and beauty of the island’s natural and cultural resources. Above all, it acts as voice for Anguilla’s national heritage.

Environment for the Americas
From Argentina to Canada and the Caribbean, Environment for the Americas is on the ground, working with diverse partners to help participants protect our shared natural resources and to train the next generation of conservationists. Environment for the Americas is the coordinator for International Migratory Bird Day events across the Western Hemisphere.

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