Native Animal Signage at the St. Maarten Zoo

Yesterday we took part in a fantastic project to add native animal signage to the St. Maarten Zoo. The Zoo is a favorite spot for local and visiting kids and families. It’s also a space where many of our native animal species can be seen, including some that are only found in our region. We think it is a wonderful place to showcase education about native species, where it has the potential to impact both residents and tourists and make a visit to the zoo more engaging and rewarding.

We had lots of help with this project, from the Zoo, from Be the Change SXM, which funded the sign printing and from SXM DOET and all the volunteers that participated in the installation. If you’re interested in supporting or participating in projects like this, feel free to contact us. More importantly, consider joining Be the Change SXM to support other great projects on this island and sign up to volunteer in next year’s SXM DOET.

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