Posters & Flyers for Birds & Bugs 2013

Help us spread the word about the upcoming Birds & Bugs Wildlife Discovery Event! The event is Saturday, December 7th from 9am-noon at Loterie Farm and it’s free and open to the public. Please invite your friends, family and colleagues!

You can share these links to the event online: (ENGLISH) (FRANÇAIS) (ENGLISH/FRANÇAIS)

You can also invite your friends to join from the Facebook event page.

We also have posters and small flyers you can print to post or give out to friends:
Poster, Français, A4
Handout, Français
Poster, English, Letter size
Handout, English
Poster, Español, Letter size
Handout, Español

Thank you for helping spread the word about this event!

Here are some jpgs of the posters if you want to email them:



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