We are working to produce a guide to the unique wildlife of Statia. When completed, The Incomplete Guide to the Wildlife of Sint Eustatius will feature color photos and detailed information about the entire range of wildlife on Statia, from mammals and birds to insects and spiders.

Like all islands, Statia has a unique community of wildlife, including both native species and migrants that travel thousands of miles to winter here. This book will be the first guide to the wildlife of the island, uncovering a rich natural heritage that deserves to be celebrated and shared.

Follow this project! Visit the book’s website at for field reports, progress reports and hopefully some very cool new discoveries on Statia!

About the Authors


Hannah Madden has lived on St. Eustatius and worked for St. Eustatius National Parks (STENAPA) since 2006. She is responsible for a variety of terrestrial research and monitoring, including bird, butterfly and orchid surveys. She has a vast network of contacts across the Caribbean and has worked with scientists, researchers and experts such as New York Botanical Garden, University of Puerto Rico, Clemson University, Berkeley College and Coastal Carolina University. Many of these collaborations have been so successful that they continue today. She is the co-ordinator of scientists, researchers and experts from institutions such as New York Botanical Garden, University of Puerto Rico, Clemson University, Berkeley College, Coastal Carolina University and much more. Many of these collaborations have been so successful that they still continue today. She is the co-author of a number of publications relating to Statia’s flora and fauna, and even has a species of tarantula named after her. Hannah holds a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies with the Open University (UK) and is preparing for a Master’s in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in the Caribbean with the University of West Indies.

Mark Yokoyama is a naturalist, author and wildlife educator living on Saint Martin. He has published two editions of The Incomplete Guide to the Wildlife of Saint Martin, the first book of its kind on the island. He is also co-founder and Treasurer of the non-profit association Les Fruits de Mer. Les Fruits de Mer organizes four major wildlife events for the public on Saint Martin and conducts a variety of workshops and presentations in local schools. Mark has collaborated with a number of scientists and conservation organizations, and has contributed wildlife photography to many books, journals and educational resources. He writes a weekly column about birds in St. Maarten’s The Daily Herald and has been a featured speaker at a variety of local and regional conferences and events. His books and articles are available for free download at

Project Support

This project is managed by the non-profit association Les Fruits de Mer, with support from the St. Eustatius Tourism Development Foundation and funding from NuStar Terminals, N.V..

Les-Fruits-de-Mer-logo-border-smallAbout Les Fruits de Mer
Les Fruits de Mer is a non-profit association based in St. Martin whose core mission is to raise awareness about nature, culture, and sport. The organization carries out this mission through publications, an education program, and special public outreach events that entertain, inspire, and inform. The Association is currently accepting new member applications on its website,

NuStar-Terminals-bigAbout NuStar Terminals, N.V.
NuStar Terminals, N.V. is a for hire transshipment terminal storing petroleum oils. NuStar and its employees are actively involved in volunteerism and financial support for the local Statia community.  NuStar’s employees have founded the Statia Way Foundation which is funded by the employees and goes to support local non-government organizations (NGO).