Rebirth: Barbara Cannegieter

This is a Pearly Eyed Thrasher, commonly called a thrush locally. It is the bird everyone loves to hate. It is not a very nice bird. The pearly-eyed thrasher is described as an “aggressive, opportunistic omnivore that feeds primarily on large insects, but also feeds on fruits and berries, and will occasionally eat lizards, frogs, small crabs and other bird’s eggs and nestlings.”

After Hurricane Irma, this particular thrush seemed to be the only one left in our yard. It looked weak and sick and very hungry. There was little to nothing available after the storm for birds to eat.

I happened to leave a bowl of parrot food on my patio table for a minute, and, when I looked, this bird was eagerly gobbling it up. I think every living thing has a right to survive, so I started leaving a little food for it every morning.

Now it is my new best friend. It waits for me to come out the door. It follows me around. It sits on the table, waiting for me.

Other thrushes have started to come back. They make a feeble attempt at stealing some of his/her food, but my thrush makes it known very quickly that the patio table is her territory and they better not come close.

This is survival!

This is an entry in the 2017 Heritage Photo Contest. Our theme this year is Rebirth. View all the entries in the online gallery, learn more and find out how to enter here.

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