Rebirth: Beverly Bonney

This is a quenip tree, it’s a local fruit on the island of st. Maarten/ st. Martin, a few hours after hurricane Irma devastated the island. With all the leaves gone and broken limbs, leaving it in such a horrible state. There was absolutely no mercy from Irma when she approached this once beautiful fruit tree which sheltered families and friends whenever they played dominoes.

Here’s the quenip tree now, three months after hurricane Irma, once again showing off her beautiful green leaves in style, although few of her limbs were broken by crazy Irma, she stand up tall and unbeatable” Irma, you were wicked and mean but I and stronger, a fighter, a survivor, determine to live”. I am St. Maarten/ St. Marten strong.

This is an entry in the 2017 Heritage Photo Contest. Our theme this year is Rebirth. View all the entries in the online gallery, learn more and find out how to enter here.

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