Rebirth: Edward Penagos

This photo reflects the hope after the destruction. At the beginning after Hurricane Irma everything was darkness, desolation and anguish. However, if you pay attention and see the future, the light will start to appear, showing that even after a tragedy is possible to stand up and find a new way that will help us to overcome and build everytime a stronger sxm.

And this picture is exactly what happened, I took the picture in the darkness during the midnight, but after 2 minutes you can star seeing what is invisible to the eyes, the light, the new hope.

This is an entry in the 2017 Heritage Photo Contest. Our theme this year is Rebirth. View all the entries in the online gallery, learn more and find out how to enter here.

How did Edward take a photo like this at night? The technical information is not required for the contest, but he shared it with us, so we will share it with you. It looks like the exposure was over two minutes long:

The picture was taken before Irma.

Place: Mont Vernon (Orient Bay – French side)
Is possible to see St. Barth in the right corner.

Camera: Nikon D7100
Lens: 15-55 mm
Focal distance: 55mm
Focus mode: Manual
Aperture: f/5.6
Exposure time: 123.4s
ISO: 100
Color Temperature – manual: 4760k

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