Sweet Spots: Salines de l’Aéroport

The airport pond in Grand Case has a lot going for it. Although large areas have been filled in, it is still a big pond with large mudflat areas and it attracts a lot of birds. One reason I love it so much is that it’s close to home for me. I can pop by rain or shine, at any time of day. I often head down with my camera just to take some photos to take a break from what I’m doing or think about something I’m going to write. At your local pond, it is also easy to get familiar with the birds and what they are up to at different times of day.

To me, the pond is too urban to be very scenic, so I tend to stick to bird portraits. A wide variety of species utilize the pond, some in great numbers. Although there are no birding trails or observation platforms, there are a number of spots where you can see views of the pond: the canal where the pond meets the sea, at the entrance to the airport parking lot, a break in the mangroves on the main road across from the school central kitchen and just before the turn-in to Grand Case near Hungry’s Towing. These basically give you windows into the pond that will be good for photography at any time of day. Of course, there are other spots to get a view of the pond if you are willing to scramble through the mangroves!

Here are some shots from this location:

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