Vanessa Foulon


Cay Bay

My name is vanessa, I was raised on this paradise island, on the french side. My dream was to have a child at one point but most of all have a ‘local’ kid born from two parents that are ” from here” like people love to say . And it came reality. I come from a stable family backround , grew up in the French Lowlands and benefited from the best my parents could provide me in my life time. But i always felt something was missing in my life. What om talking about is Unity among all different ethnicity i became friends with and learned to cherish. Still today on the island i love and call my home racism and discrimination id still a big issue. I live is Caybay today and made it my home along with my son. We are the only “white “people living in the neighborhood but i can say….its the best place ive ever moved too. At first people were wary but once i gave my my time and interest to get to know all My neighbors…we all became “one” and interact on a dayly basis…watching each others kids and persona’s…for the first time in my living here…i feel color or race is not even considered or thought upon…but just suporting one an other as one ….a community ….neighbors who became friends and most of all Family.

Here is a picture of my son and his best friends…where color, nor race, nor status is even a notion in their naive and innocent minds. Thats how culture should really look like…where what when or where isnt even considered or pondered upon.

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