Viral Joshi



Saint Maarten is the place, where we can point so many beautiful exotic flowers everywhere. I notice this beautiful flower in my backyard, it really attract me to capture vibrant Caribbean colors. Some flowers are so beautiful that pulls not only bees but human towards them.

What a beautiful shot of our islands major economic growth place known as Philipsburg, capital of Dutch Saint Maarten. I really have to take my time to capture this shot by eliminating our Pond Island great dump on left side. We should be shame to show our Million plus tourist cruisers to showcase our beautiful historic town Philipsburg with great dump yard included. It is like we showing our guest open garbage bean. Guess picture without dump from Point Blanc to Divi Resort… Government should move this necessary dumping zone from Philipsburg to far area. Learn from our French part government, they do not have dump zone in Marigot!
Keep our island clean.

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