Welcome: Van Dorp

We’re excited to have Van Dorp as a new sponsor of the Migratory Bird Festival! It makes us feel great that even during difficult times, they still feel this is an important event to support.

You can join us for the festival on Saturday, November 25th from 9am to noon at Kali’s Beach Bar in Friar’s Bay. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors the festival is free for all. Come learn about the birds that travel thousands of miles to come here each year and the habitats that they depend on. There will be fun activities for people of all ages. Get all the info on our website or on the Facebook event page. Invite your friends and family!

About Van Dorp
Whether you’re stocking your office or getting ready to paint your masterpiece, you’ll find what you need at Van Dorp. They carry a wide selection of high-quality office, school and art supplies. Van Dorp also a great place to find local books written on or about St. Martin and the Caribbean. Stop by their stores in Madame Estate or Simpson Bay.
Van Dorp

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