William Moore



I am an outsider to my special part of St. Martin, Grand Case, only coming here for 30 years. It feels like my other home and, in my heart, it is. The rhythm of this remarkable place is animated by its texture – and especially its colours. These are found in Grand Case’s buildings, clothing, food, and people. It makes this place vibrant and unique. But it is borrowed. Yes, its texture and light is borrowed from nature. Part of the year, the sun both rises and sets on this special place. This brief moment tells part of that story of light and texture: south end of the beach at sunrise.

Tomorrow and beyond is the delicate reality the draws from the decisions and commitments of the present. Looking down from the Grand Case dock at this child’s eyes, the future awaits. We are all, in our depth of commitment to St. Martin, a part of this small person’s future.

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