Alice Claeyssens



This tropic bird, returning to its nest on the cliff on Tintamarre. Tropic birds are majestic, their long tail feather gives more grace to their moves. Its call is a loud piercing whistle, they nests by couple away from the colony. It seems to be a strong independent bird.

This juvenile frigate bird was accidentally caught on the hook of a fishing line. It was just pinned by the hook not deep and could easily be rescued by covering it with a towel to lock its wings. Frigate birds have the largest wingspan relative to body weight so they can’t take off from the water surface.This young frigate was smart enough to wait before flying away because it knew it was too weak and scared by the event to take off without risking to fall in the water. It stayed calm and static for 15 minutes before taking off and rejoin its group. Frigate birds have a bad reputation of snatching prey from other birds or harassing them until they regurgitate their prey, this episode reminds how delicate they can be.

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