Amuseum@Home: Day 1

Discover amazing things about St. Martin from home! Have fun and learn about the island, while you’re protecting your community and yourself by staying home. Get fascinating and free stuff from Les Fruits de Mer–every day!

Today, enjoy a book an activity and a short film. They are all about our wetlands. St. Martin’s ponds and mangrove forests are super interesting and important to both people and nature.


Pond Life: Reflections
If you like your ecosystems wet and wild, then you will love Pond Life: Reflections. Each chapter explores a different view into these ever-changing wild spaces. How do they transform with the seasons? What has changed in recent years? How do they reflect centuries of history? Like St. Martin itself, life on the pond is rich and always in motion. Ponds connect sea and land, human and nature, past and present: dive in, and discover.

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Wetland Coloring Pages
Enjoy three free coloring pages with poems about these awesome animals who live in St. Martin’s wetland habitats: Whimbrel, Ruddy Turnstone and Fiddler Crab.

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Return of the Flamingo
Two flamingos arrived on the salt pond at Orient Bay in 2018. Are they the first of many? What is the history of this amazing bird on St. Martin? Watch and find out:

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