Amuseum@Home: Day 2

Discover amazing things about St. Martin from home! Have fun and learn about the island, while you’re protecting your community and yourself by staying home. Get fascinating and free stuff from Les Fruits de Mer–every day!

Today, enjoy a book an activity and a short film. They are all about some of the unique animals that are found only on St. Martin or only in our region.


Caribbean Curiosities: Native Nature
St. Martin is full of unique animals. Many are found only in the Caribbean, and some are found only on St. Martin. Each species has its own story, and exploring this rich natural heritage is a fascinating way to explore the island. Learning how our wildlife became so unique is also a great way to understand the way all life has evolved and diversified. Enjoy six stories about bats, birds, lizards, fish and bugs.

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Native Islanders Activity Book
This activity book features coloring pages, activity pages and interesting information about species that are endemic to St. Martin and to the Caribbean. It features artwork by Emily Geoffroy and Jenn Yerkes and text by Jenn Yerkes and Mark Yokoyama.

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To the Bat Cave!
Caves are special places. They are home to bats and other animals, including many species that are found only in our region. Take a peek inside one of St. Martin’s most unique habitats, the Grotte du Puits des Terres Basses

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