Amuseum@Home: Day 14

Discover amazing things about St. Martin from home! Have fun and learn about the island, while you’re protecting your community and yourself by staying home. Get fascinating and free stuff from Les Fruits de Mer–every day!

Today were heading back to Heritage Backup! This is our chance to record our personal, family and community history. And that’s a chance to make sure we are all a part of history. If you’re just getting started with Heritage Backup, you can get all the materials here:


Heritage Backup: Tools of the Trade
Download this booklet to identify the tools you already have to record your personal history and how you can use them. If you have a computer, scanner, camera or videocamera that’s great. If not, you can do everything you need with a normal smartphone. Set yourself up to dive into your personal heritage collection and save those memories!

Download for free:


Photo Memories Worksheet

Get started recording your memories with this Photo Memories Activity. Choose a few photos and record your memories. If you don’t have photos to work with, try finding a few photos at that spark a memories and use them for this activity.

Download for free:


The Miracle of Christmas House

This is the story of how one person made a difference and touched the lives of people in her community and beyond. Christmas House in Cripple Gate is a St. Martin tradition for well over 30 years. Bernadine Arnell Joe tells us the story of Christmas House, how it reopened after Hurricane Irma and her dream for its future. Watch:

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