Bird Watch: Almost Human?

The desire to see ourselves in birds is powerful. They do lots of “human” stuff. Seeing them as versions of us doesn’t necessarily help us understand them better, but feeling the commonality does bring us closer to nature.


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  1. Michael Cunningham says:

    Hello Mark, I do appreciate your observation that much of bird behavior can appear almost human. I would like understand more about what and how they think. And it is fun to try and interpret what their expressions might mean. I live in the northeastern part of the United Sates and spend a lot of time observing and photographing our birds. It is amazing to think that one of them may have spent a season in Saint Martin.

    By the way, when I visited Saint Martin last year, I was lucky to buy your “incomplete” guide. In anticipation of returning again this year, I enjoyed reading and rereading your book. I had great intentions to reach out to you sooner but, of course, daily distractions got in the way. I will be coming to Saint Martin for a week’s visit this Saturday and intend to visit Amuseum Naturalis for inspiration for my own land conservation work in my community. Maybe we could have a chance to meet.

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