Bugs in Paradise


For our coming festival
We thought it would be nice
To make an ebook just for kids
Called Bugs in Paradise.
With photos to astound the eye
Of creatures where they dwell
The text is written all in verse
And will delight as well.

We are called Les Fruits de Mer
Our event is Birds & Bugs.
All kinds of things will happen there
That you are sure to love.
A place for learning, fun and free
All ages we invite
To the farm called Loterie
For all manner of delights.

See the creepy, crawly things
So wondrous, every one.
Observe the banding of song birds
And how science is done.
Come take a guided birding walk
Along the forest stream,
And art activities for kids
Will have a nature theme.

It happens on December 6th
From 9am to noon.
Tell your family, tell your friends,
It will be coming soon.
Learn more on our web site,
Or Facebook if you dare,
Anything we couldn’t rhyme
We will list over there.

In the meantime, get the book,
Download it to your device,
Read it with your family
At least just once or twice.
This window on a hidden world
To make you laugh and think,
Is available already,
Just go right to this link:

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