Butterfly Takeover

The weather in the Caribbean may seem like summer year-round, but the tropical heat doesn’t mean there are no seasons. Like most tropical areas, rainfall is a primary differentiator for Caribbean seasons, and rainfall drives changes in vegetation as well as wildlife populations. While many animals can, and do, breed year-round in this area, reproductive rates can increase dramatically when rainy weather boosts the amount of food available. Clouds of butterflies in the winter are a noticeable example, but many other species are going through a population boom more quietly right now.


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  1. Karen Troiano says:

    I recently returned from vacation on St. Maarten, and decided to write an article for the Rutgers University Master Gardener’s monthly periodical about the revival of St. Maarten’s gardens after hurricane Irma. Besides the come back of plants and garden’s destroyed by the hurricane, I’d like to include the storms effect on the butterfly and bird population of the island. I was so impressed with the recovery that I saw, but mostly by the pride and spirit of the people who live and work on the island. Any information you share will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.

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