Educational Materials from the Endemic Animal Festival 2014

If you missed the Endemic Animal Festival this year, or are interested in learning more about our locally and regionally endemic animals, you can download materials from this year’s event.

Basics about our endemics (PDF)
This document explains some basics about our endemic animals, including: What does endemic mean? Why do we have endemic animals? Why are endemic animals important? and more.

Endemic animal species posters (PDF)
This document includes pages focused on individual species that are endemic to St. Martin or our region on the species or subspecies level. 33 species are featured, including many familiar animals that are seen on the island.

Ten Reasons Why Caribbean Birds Matter – by BirdsCaribbean
An article featuring ten important jobs that birds do for man and nature in the Caribbean.

Bird Watch articles from The Daily Herald about endemic birds and the roles that birds play on the island:




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