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The snowy egret always reminds me of the vibrance of this island and the perseverance of wildlife. These birds were hunted for their feathers, and were almost gone through much of their native range. This overhunting may explain why the first official record of these birds on the island was not made until 1952. Today, they are common on St. Martin and nest on many of our ponds.

The ponds themselves are vulnerable, of course, and they are often polluted and full of trash. These ponds are incredibly important to a variety of wildlife, which still survives despite the conditions. The ponds of St. Martin are both a natural treasure (and considered Wetlands of International Importance under the Ramsar Convention) and an important part of our history (salt production). We should act together to clean them up, and reclaim this part of the island’s natural and historical heritage.

Photographer: Mark Yokoyama

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