Ilja Botha



Vibrant are our youth and this yellow Flamboyant in Emilio Wilson Estate Park. Together with a friend the girl picked up the old seed pods later and they made music together. Vibrant is also the shak shak sound the pods of our National Tree make.

Vulnerable are the few remaining mangroves on St Maarten/ St Martin. This mangrove in Oyster Pond has managed to survive the construction of marinas, pollution of the pond and the feasting on it by Green Iguanas. Due to the feeding of the iguanas by bar staff, the population in this bush as grown enormously and has become a loved photo shooting site for passing tourists. All I’m hoping is that this mangrove will survive September when the bar is closed and there is nothing to eat for the iguanas other than the mangrove leaves…

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  1. Ellen Lankhaar says:

    Hoe mooi kan het leven zijn: genieten van de prachtige, maar ook kwetsbare natuur, en dan met elkaar genieten van het maken van muziek, dankzij die natuur! Als je het zien wilt, valt er zo veel moois en fijns te beleven!

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