Mederica Marshall Marlin




Our Egret!

They fly, walk and swim all around our great salt pound, as they look around they see all the garbage the human being tro into the pound it is such a big mess

Stay clear beautiful Egret before you get caught in all the old tires, wires bottles and other nasty mess.

The human being don’t think, they just drink their soda or beer then they tro the bottle or can into the pound they don’t care!

They should be ashamed that the beautiful Egret is treat-end when they walk and swim around the edge of our ounce so beautiful great salt pound.

The Egret you look at us human being and think, what a waste if only they can remember in their haste to tro their waste in a garbage bin somewhere close to their own place. Do they do that at home tro their garbage on their dining room floor?

Well stop it you human beings it is time to bring back the great salt pound in it rightful state.

And let we Egret enjoy the true nature of our great salt pound which is also our uniek resting place!

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  1. Odette Marie Charlise Marlin says:

    Poem is Very very true.
    Beautiful pictures that speak for themselves.
    A once a year clean up campaign will help if this is not being done already.
    Post some signs no dumping Violators will be fined.
    Physical supervision and or Surveillance cameras tied into the Government Security Monitoring System
    Get the community to donate if there is no funds this can be done through a radio call in program or Teleton.
    Assign a collection area where residents can bring their trash.
    The pondfill is the only land waste area maybe legislation can be put in place that would make the salt pond or part of the salt pond a historical site.
    Right now a feasability study should be in progress if its not there already.
    Question: What can be done with the garabage.
    Our garbage should be the new alternative energy source.
    My name is Odette Marie Charlise Marlin.
    I am a sintmaartener by blood.
    I am the niece of Mederica Marshal Marlin.
    Thank you for giving me the opportunity to comment.

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