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These are the Les Fruits de Mer books that are only available as ebooks. All our printed books are also available as free ebooks. You can find those on our books page.

Making & Building on St. Martin

This book is an Amuseum Companion. It features St. Martin building techniques and traditional methods of making things. It features a few things going all the way back to prehistory, like Amerindian tools. It also shows how reusing and recycling are long time St. Martin traditions.
Download the book (PDF, 24 pages, 4.3MB).


Bird Shots

Bird-Shots-webThis bird photography guide was created to help birders become better photographers and photographers get better at photographing birds. It focuses on practical advice to get better bird photos and more enjoyment from this hobby. Topics range from the techniques you will use in the field to composition, visual storytelling, and post-production.
Download the ebook (PDF, 37 pages, 4.4MB).


Look Sharp!

Look-SharpPromote Your Organization with Great Photography
Vibrant photos are a wonderful way non-profits and other conservation and education organizations to attract volunteers, sponsors and attendees to their events and activities. In this eBook, we show you how to work with photographers, take better photos yourself and use your photos to maximum effect. Don’t let another event go by without having fantastic photos to show people what your organization is doing and inspire them to get involved. This eBook was created to accompany a workshop at the 20th International Meeting of BirdsCaribbean.
Click Here for Free Download (PDF, 26 pages)


Heritage Plants

Heritage-Plants-eBookNative plants and trees are amongst the most important parts of the natural history and culture of the Caribbean. They are also immensely important to birds and other wildlife. In a region that supporting irreplaceable biodiversity and dense human development, the cultivation of native trees and plants is an important way we can share our islands with native plants and animals. This book, created as part of the regional celebration of International Migratory Bird Day 2015, showcases a number of key native plants and trees that are perfect for backyard gardens, neighborhood landscaping and other habitat restoration projects big and small. Synthesized by Mark Yokoyama for BirdsCaribbean, this book focuses on plants and trees that are particularly beneficial to native and migratory birds in the Caribbean.
Download the book for free. (PDF, 24 pages)
Partrimonio Vegetal, descarga gratis en español. (PDF, 24 páginas, Español)

Endemic Birds of the West Indies Colouring Book

This book features 50 birds that are found only in the region. It is beautifully illustrated by Christine Elder, with text by Mark Yokoyama. Each page features a bird in its habitat, a map showing where it lives, and facts about the bird. Fold-out covers show what every bird looks like in colour. The book offers children of all ages the opportunity to learn interesting facts while learning the techniques of colouring the birds’ vibrant plumage. Fun activities and a glossary are included at the back.
Download the covers, with color illustrations of the birds (PDF, 6 pages).
Download the coloring pages (PDF, 64 pages).


The Incomplete Guide to the Wildlife of Saint Martin (First Edition)

This is the first edition of this guide. We make it available for reference, although we recommend downloading the current edition of the guide for access to the most accurate and current information.
Download the book for free. (PDF, 126 pages)