Regardez nos films ici. Nous réalisons des courts documentaires sur la nature, le patrimoine et la culture.

We Used to Eat Fresh Things

Delphine David remembers growing up on St. Martin and helping raise her younger brothers and sisters.

Return of the Flamingo

After a long absence, one of the Caribbean’s most beautiful birds returns to the salt pond at Orient Bay.

A Beautiful Sight to See

Like many people living in French Quarter at the time, Elise Hyman worked in salt production in Orient Bay in the middle of the last century. She shared some memories of those days and how salt was produced at Salines d’Orient.

The Miracle of Christmas House

Christmas House in Cripple Gate is a St. Martin tradition for well over 30 years. Bernadine Arnell Joe tells us the story of Christmas House, how it reopened after Hurricane Irma and her dream for its future.

I’m From the Renaissance

A short film about painter, teacher and Renaissance man Cynric Griffith.

Houses After Irma

How much of St. Martin’s local architecture, design and building heritage is at risk right now due to Hurricane Irma? How many houses will be lost, and what will be lost with them? How will it change the look of the island forever?

Birds After Irma

What’s up with St. Martin’s birds after Hurricane Irma?

Helping Habitats After Irma

How are people helping nature after Hurricane Irma? Why does our help matter?

Little Key After Irma

What is life like on a tiny island after a big hurricane? Come with us to Little Key—an island less than 100 meters long in the Simpson Bay Lagoon in St. Martin—and find out!

The Sea After Irma

We take a quick dip below the surface to check out the state of the sea and our near shore coral reefs in St. Martin after Hurricane Irma.

Wild Minute: The Fiddler Crab

Take a one-minute look at the tiny crab that has a big job keeping our ponds and beaches clean.

The Face in the Stone

There’s a real mystery at the far end of Grand Case Bay in St. Martin! Can we figure out the story behind the strange face in the stone?

The Great Salt Pond (Preview)

We are working on a documentary film about the Great Salt Pond, trying to capture as many perspectives, memories and stories as possible about this iconic feature of the island. Here’s a short preview clip that we prepared for the 2016 Migratory Bird Festival. (English, 5 minutes)

2000 Feet Under the Sea

In this vintage adventure the team explores the deep sea in a submarine off the coast of Roatan, Honduras. (English, 5 minutes)

To the Bat Cave!

A peek inside one of St. Martin’s most unique habitats, the Grotte du Puits des Terres Basses. (English, 4 minutes)

Scrub Island Rescue

The team explores Scrub Island, an uninhabited island off the coast of Anguilla. (English, 4 minutes)

Gut Life

Learn about the fascinating freshwater ecosystems on St. Martin. (English, 4 minutes)

Bugs in Paradise, Part One

The critters of the tropical broadleaf forest are showcased in verse. (English, 4 minutes)