Salt Worker Names

Below are names transcribed from a series of journals documenting salt production and trade in Orient Bay, St. Martin. Read about the journals here. It was challenging to transcribe many of the names due to the age of the documents and, at times, the handwriting. Please let us know if you know any of these people or if you have stories to share about the salt industry on St. Martin. You can email [email protected].

Anna Abram
Beulah Abram
Marie Abram
Morris Abram
Marie Alsam
John Babtist
Amelia Barry
Bobey Barry
Felicien Barry
Frederick Barry
Hyacinth Barry
Suzette Barry
Jean Bastman
C Beauperthuy
M Beauperthuy
Amelia Blake
John Boastman
Adolphe Boatholder
AB Brooks
Alderloria Brooks
Anathade Brooks
Beatrice Brooks
DB Brooks
Frederick Brooks
Gaston Brooks
Harlow Brooks
Martha Brooks
Rebecca Brooks
Ronald Brown
Caesar Bryan
Delphine Bryan
Emma Bryan
Ernest Bryan
Laurent Bryan
Alice Caine
Alice Canes
Faustin Carty
Harold Carty
Samuel Carty
Stanley Carty
Stanly Carty
Emile Case
Gertrude Case
James Case
Raymond Case
Rémont Case
Edith Chittick
Iris Chittick
Mary Chittick
Ann Cocks
Emile Cocks
Evencia Cocks
Evericia Cocks
Gertrude Cocks
Hyacinth Cocks
Janders Cocks
May Cocks
Orlescander Cocks
Zander Cocks
Roy Connor
Emile Contic
Emile Cox
Laureline Crawford
Theresa Douglas
Eduardo Fleming
Elada Fleming
Elsaldo Fleming
Joseph Fleming
Raphaël Fleming
Alice Garcia
Catherine Gibbs
Adelaïde Glasgow
Antoine Glasgow
Antoinette Glasgow
Charles Glasgow
Ebert Glasgow
Eglantine Glasgow
Hubert Glasgow
Leontine Glasgow
Oliver Glasgow
Philomena Glasgow
Robert Glasgow
Adolphe Gumbs
Alea Gumbs
Alese Gumbs
Alfred Gumbs
Calise Gumbs
Clément Gumbs
Elie Gumbs
Ida Gumbs
J Gumbs
Laurencio Gumbs
Lorraine Gumbs
Victor Gumbs
William Gumbs
Martha Heyliger
Mathilde Hodge
Porter Hodge
Roland Hodge
Rollon Hodge
Handita Hubert
Nestor Hubert
Pedro Hubert
Elise Hyman
Felise Hyman
Ferdinand Hyman
Isaac Hyman
Isaiah Hyman
Jane Hyman
Jerdinan Hyman
Lilian Hyman
Marcelin Hyman
Marian Hyman
Reneé Hyman
Susan Hyman
Francisco Ilidge
Roland Ilidge
Frank Illidge
Jean Illidge
Jean Illidge
Marcelle Illidge
Antoinette Jacobs
Alcide Jeffers
James Jeffers
Endine Jermin
Eveline Jermin
Lucia Kingsale
J—- Lake
Leonard Lake
Marie Lake
Veronica Lake
Veronica Lake
William Lake
Monheride Lambert
Madame Matheda
Henrietta Mento
Laurette Mento
Lorretta Mento
Hudon Ray
John Reed
Maybell Reed
Eglantine Richardson
Leapole Richardson
Alice Roberts
Rose Roberts
Clifford Rohan
Juliette Rohan
John Roy
Richard Smith
Elsie Stevens
Elise Sweeney
Tedric Sweeney
Gaston Trench
Charles Vanderpool
Dorothy Webster
Similienne Wescott

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  1. Marie Boasman says:

    Good day.

    Lucia Kingsale was my grandmother.

    I am also looking at both the names “Bastman”, which does not appear anywhere else on SXM and could not be found in a web search AND “Boastman”.

    My heritage stems also from Boasman and I believe those 2 names were misspelled

    I had an uncle named Jean Boasman. So I am thinking Bastman was an error. However, a John Boasman is not known to be but could belong to another branch of the family. Will research this.

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