Sweet Spots: Étang de la Barrière

This is probably the best spot on the island for close-up shots of waterfowl. There is a 225 meter wooden boardwalk through the mangrove and a large section has a wall that acts as a bird blind. Regular foot traffic from birders and many other people also makes birds a bit less shy at this pond.

There are normally plenty of egrets and a variety of shorebirds, particularly during the migratory season. The water level varies and the area is often most active when low tide leaves more exposed mudflat.

When visiting this site, it is also worthwhile to visit the beach to see more birds. In the morning, wade in the shallow water of the bay to take shots of birds on the beach with the rising sun behind you.

This pond is right beside the Pinel ferry dock in French Cul-de-sac. You should really never go to Pinel without stopping by this trail before or after to see who’s there.

Here are some shots from this location:

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