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Judith van de Pas van Oort


Guana Bay

Guana Bay while crazy waves crushing in, our son decides to play soccer in it. It is a wonderful site with the regatta going on in the background, but any child, at any time, at any beach shows you the pure joy. Let them keep that and all the children to come!

Margaret Brooks


Guana Bay

The beautiful, clear waters of Guana Bay (before the Sargasso seaweed came in) are inviting to swimmers, but deceptively dangerous. I was awestruck the first time I reached the top of Guana Bay Road and saw the view of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a bit lower down.

Nathaly Pieters


Guana Bay

50 shades of sunsets

This photo represents the many colors we get to enjoy thru out the year during sunsets. This is the most colorful one i have encountered. Sometimes we really need to stop and pay attention.