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Luna Valenti (14 ans)



Cette photo prise sur la plage à côté du port de Marigot représente pour moi toute l’histoire de Saint-Martin. Ce vieux bateau qui a coulé lors du cyclone Luis en 1995 n’a pas été enlevé depuis, mais honnêtement c’est devenu à mes yeux un monument historique et incontournable de Saint Martin.

Jovito Hermoso


St. James

Do you remember what it was like to get a handwritten letter? Our old generation had written many letters from their heart, warm wishes and greetings live on in their beautiful letters. How much longer we can see these colorful boxes in our neighborhood. If only we could find out a way to embrace technology without tossing out the best of the old generation.

Jovito Hermoso



It is a pity that at this present world of us many people have no idea what a fresh fish looked like, smelled like and tasted like. A privilege we still enjoy on this island , imagine being able to buy fish “right off the boat”.

Jo Hendley

Marigot SXM from the sky


This photograph shows how history meets modern day in the town of Marigot. It shows the historical Fort Louis, and the harbor, along with the town and the shipwreck. Marigot is known for its excellent shopping, and market, along with the beautiful French culture.

Nathalie Beaurain

Nathalie Beaurain Marigot

Marigot Market

The Market Place in Marigot is always full of colors and sounds, also full of People looking for fresh fish, vegetables, fruits and also clothing and spices. I remember a time where vendors were on the ground, with just a tablecloth as a “table”. I miss those times too.