Winds of Controversy Ruffle Flag Promotion: Some Allege Similarities Between New Les Fruits de Mer Logo and French Flag

A banner day for Les Fruits de Mer was mired in controversy when naysayers claimed the association’s newly redesigned logo appeared to share similarities with the French flag. The special launch promotion, featuring the new logo on flags throughout the island, was hailed with enthusiasm by most, but besmirched by accusations from a vocal minority.

“After working on this unique new design for months, it is shocking that some people would focus on any superficial ‘similarities’ between the strikingly different designs,” complained designer Stephen Winkel, “It really makes you wonder about their motivation.”

Les Fruits de Mer stand by their groundbreaking logo redesign with pride. “We’re ready to compare our new logo and the flag of France side by side in front of Parliament if that’s what it takes,” declared association President Jennifer Yerkes. “If anyone truly feels the flag of France is too similar to our logo, perhaps it is time to change the flag of France.”

A little controversy hasn't stopped individuals and businesses from promoting  the association's new logo.
A little controversy hasn’t stopped individuals and businesses from promoting the association’s new logo.

For now, the new logo and the flag promotion continue to fly. Local businesses and individuals continue to feature the new Les Fruits de Mer logo atop their flagpoles with pride. French Président François Hollande declined to comment on the controversy, but has appeared in photographs with a flag featuring the association’s new logo.

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