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2015 Heritage Photo Contest Exhibition

Thanks to everyone who came out for the Heritage Photo Exhibition at Lagoonies on Friday. The opening was lots of fun and everyone had their say in voting for the Erika Cannegieter-Smith People’s Choice Award, which went to Nathaly Pieters for her image of the pier at Grand Case. We didn’t have a lot of time to take pictures at the event, but below are a few by Mark Yokoyama & Maël Renault. If you were there and took any nice photos of the event, feel free to send them on to us!

Lagoonies is closed today, but the exhibition panels will be going back up early afternoon tomorrow and will be up until Tuesday evening if you didn’t get a chance to see them at the opening.

2015 Heritage Photo Exhibition


The exhibition for the 2015 Heritage Photo Contest will be held on Friday, July 17th at Lagoonies Bistro in Cole Bay. Photo entries will be on display and attendees will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite for the Erika Cannegieter-Smith People’s Choice Award. The exhibition opening will be held from 6-10pm with the awards ceremony taking place at 9pm. We hope to see you there!

Lagoonies Bistro is located at the Lagoon Marina, Wellington Road 33-35 between ELECTEC and FKG in Cole Bay.

Judith van de Pas van Oort


Caye Chateau

Caye Chateau, the waters allow you to have a clear view of anything in it, which is a lot. If you don’t have any I advise you to bring a child you know, they are the best at showing you things you miss out on, they have the better eyes and are closer to the ground! This day ours found part of a boat, the name and them in it, plus the surroundings made it another perfect Sint Maarten day.

Hakim Belaroussi


Grand Case

Cette photo a été prise a la sortie de l’ecole de Grande Case (deuxième pont), c’est une habitante de Grand Case faisant sa vaisselle dehors (au bord de la nationale). Elle représente pour moi un souvenir d’un mode de vie ancien (en toute simplicité…)face a une maternelle qui représente le future de l’ile(modernité, ordinateurs, vêtements a la mode…!).
C’est un vrai gage de souvenir et de tradition qu’elle offre aux enfants qui avec chance a chaques sorties d’ecole peuvent l’apercevoir dans ces activités extérieurs.

Margaret Brooks


Dawn Beach

A far cry from the former Dawn Beach Hotel with its cozy bungalows on the beach, destroyed in Hurricane Luis on September 5, 1995, The Westin St. Maarten Dawn Beach Resort and Spa now looks out over the rough Atlantic waters of this neighborhood.

Judith van de Pas van Oort


Red Pond Bay

Red Pond bay, will it ever be finished this complex? It has damaged a lot, and rots away as time goes by, with a wall that reminds me of the one in Berlin. The situation on having million dollar complexes started and never finished
should be stopped right away, especially on places where there still were none. Oh, do we even have those left? Shame on the ones still allowing things like this to happen.